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Imperial, NE 69033


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Meet our team members


Larry Talbott

Location Manager

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Dave Hanna


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Eric Peterson

Service Manager

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Rich Norman


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Tyler Heinen


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Zach Patterson

Parts Manager

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Audra Schilke

Location Clerk

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Brandon Vogt

Service Tech II

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Candace Coon

Parts Manager

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Jason Banks

Salesman - Parts

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Jorge Ramirez Marquez

Service Tech I

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Preston Jueneman

ISG Consultant

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Russell Lakey

Service Tech II

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Sergio Almanza Jr.

Service Tech II

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Tanner Bardsley

Service Tech II

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William Bittner


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Hear from our customers


“This [a new John Deere S780 combine] is just a great machine. John Deere has made several improvements to help with efficiency and operator comfort. I really like the Interactive Combine Adjustment feature. I have the peace of mind that as conditions change across the field that the machine is automatically adjusting and providing the best possible threshing capability. In addition to more horsepower, it’s some of the small features that really make this a nice machine to run all day.”

Tim Schilke

[Insert Company]
Imperial , NE

The latest from 21st Century Equipment


From Scottsbluff to Kherson: Alex Tkachenko's Story

Posted: June 15, 2022

On February 24, 2022, Alex Tkachenko awoke to the sound of explosions. As export coordinator at 21st Century Equipment, Alex was visiting family in his hometown of Kherson, Ukraine, during a business trip to the country. Little did he know he would bear witness to the day Russia invaded Ukraine, effectively igniting a war between the two nations.

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Wheat Harvest Safety Tips from 21st Century Equipment

Posted: May 31, 2022

Amber waves of grain are spotted with John Deere green, as equipment like S-Series and X-Series combines get to work. Inside these mighty machines are farmers with families who love them. This wheat harvest season, we encourage sensible safety measures like the below.

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Tending Cattle with John Deere 6 Series Tractors

Posted: May 20, 2022

Working in the cattle industry is no easy feat. It’s a job that requires passion, fortitude and equipment that can work as hard as you do. John Deere 6 Series tractors are capable of doing just that.

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Sugar Beet Spotlight: John Deere 8 Series & 9 Series

Posted: April 30, 2022

Sugar beets are one of the most common plants used to produce refined sugar. Nebraska alone is responsible for the production of 1.3 million tons of sugar beets each year. John Deere 8 Series and 9 Series tractors are pivotal in taking this crop from farm to table.

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See & Spray Ultimate by John Deere Precision Ag

Posted: April 21, 2022

The future of sprayer technology has arrived in the agriculture industry with See & Spray Ultimate by John Deere. The revolutionary sprayer technology will experience a limited release as it hits the market in the spring of 2022.

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What is Precision Ag & how can it help my farming operation?

Posted: April 1, 2022

At 21st Century Equipment, we’re committed to empowering our growers so they can optimize the use of their John Deere equipment. That’s why we’re proud to offer farmers access to Precision Agriculture (Precision Ag) technology resources so you can make the most of your John Deere technology. 

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Our Commitment to Support our Customer's Right to Repair

Posted: October 21, 2021

21st Century Equipment absolutely supports our customer’s right to repair the equipment they own within federal emissions and OEM safety parameters.

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