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LP74888 | Rubber Hose 50 feet


50 ft. heavy-duty rubber garden hose 500 PSI burst strength Ergonomic Female Grip at the female coupling featuring the John Deere logo

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The John Deere Rubber Hose by Swan has a 500 PSI burst strength, powerful enough for commercial applications. It also features an exclusive rubber formula that makes it twice as strong and 40 percent lighter than standard rubber hoses. This makes is also suitable for the homeowner to handle, from washing the car to watering large outdoor areas. The John Deere heavy-duty rubber garden hose is also suitable for those living in extreme climates. Because of this weatherproof garden hose’s unique construction, it can expertly handle a wide range of temperatures, remaining flexible down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. This low-temperature garden hose also has a 30 percent longer lifespan from sun exposure due to better UV performance.

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