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LP53483 | JD Children’s Toy Box


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This bright, cheerful Toy Box is designed to resemble one of the widely recognizable construction “semis” (?) that every young boy is thrilled to see! It features sturdy, mdf construction, and is easy to assemble. It is finished in the bright John Deere green with the John Deere image and logo on top of the front “hood”, and the iconic yellow hubcaps with big black tires. The top surface of the back portion of the truck has a multi-colored playing surface with roads, fields and images of Johnny and his Friends for your child to play with his little cars and trucks and his friends for hours of their own “construction” time! Under the play table surface, one side rolls out to feature the storage area. The front of the truck also pulls out to offer additional storage space. On the right-hand side of the truck there is a seat that can be pulled out so that your child can sit and use the roof of the “cab” as a small desk. This is truly a piece of furniture that can offer many hours of good old-fashioned playing time, as well as having the benefit of storing all of those toys and games that often end up on the floor. What child wouldn’t want to help put away his own toys into his own “truck”? Easy to assemble. Hardware and assembly instructions included.
Assembled dimensions: 49.5 x 14.125 x 22.  SOLD IN BOX.  Item # LP53483

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