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Your Business Team – All a Part of the Plan

Your Business Team – All a Part of the Plan

Posted: October 24, 2018 | By: Owen Palm

As you have probably noticed, the theme of this edition of the Flyer is “Your Business Team – All a Part of the Plan”.  We think this subject is worth discussing as we move into fall harvest, the final stage of this year’s production cycle.  Quite likely, your operation, like many others, has accumulated reams of data this past season…data that gives you the basis for making next year’s agronomic plans, such as crop rotations, seed varieties, fertilizer applications, tillage practices, herbicide programs and of course, equipment planning.   To assist you in the planning process, you rely on key advisors, such as your agronomist, your seed supplier, your ag retailer and hopefully….your equipment dealer.

Data is the key to farming differently. I don’t mean farming differently in a negative sense…..I see farming differently as taking all the data you have collected during the growing season and using it to make decisions that allow you to farm differently next season with the goal to increase yield and/or reduce costs….decisions that are focused on improving your bottom line.  In other words, having a plan and making conscious agronomic decisions for next year….all built around data that is shared, analyzed and discussed with your key agronomic advisors.

Analyzing agronomic data is time-consuming and complicated, but it does not have to be done in a vacuum. Some of the best producers I know, rely heavily on the advice and support from their key advisors.  Many of them utilize members of our team to facilitate the collaboration between your various advisors.   We believe in the value, and are very proactive in this collaborative process…we have seen it work well to meet your agronomic objectives and improve your bottom line.

John Deere’s cloud-based web portal,, is a great tool to aid in the collaboration process that I have been talking about.  It is a safe and secure way to gather and share all your agronomic information with all your key advisors.  In your web portal, all your data is geo-referenced and easily accessible to anyone you give access to becauseyou control access…You decide whom of your trusted advisors you want to share what information.  Exciting new products, such as JD Link™ and Wireless Data Transfer™ (WDT), allow you to easily move data to and from your John Deere equipment to or from the Operations Center located in, as well as share it with your advisory team, as it is collected, more quickly than ever before possible.

For those of us at 21st Century Equipment, helping you manage your data all comes down to integrity and trust.  We believe the data you create has value.  We also believe that by sharing this data with your advisory team, you will increase the value of that data….and improve your bottom line.  Our role is to insure that your data is handled with strict confidence and shared only with the people on your team that you trust.  That is our pledge to you and a commitment we will not violate.

In closing, we thank you for allowing us to be members of your advisory team and hope we bring long-term value to our mutual business relationship.   On behalf of all our employees on the 21st Century Equipment Team, we wish you a safe and bountiful harvest.


Owen Palm



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