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There are no "do overs"

Posted: March 23, 2017 | By: Owen Palm

To Our Valued Customers and Friends:

Well, we made it through the winter! Undoubtedly, there will be more snow and cold, but I think the worst is behind us, which means planting season is not far away. Much of this Flyer is dedicated to that planting operation…arguably, the most important piece of the annual crop production cycle. When it comes to planting, there are no “Do Overs”!

With the rapid pace of change and technology in agriculture today, the era of “Not invented here” is obsolete…especially considering the challenges facing agriculture today. This spring, more than ever, we need to consider all of our planting options to get the maximum value from every seed we plant. Our goal here at 21st Century Equipment, is to assist you in achieving that maximum value. We have the planters, attachments and people to help you achieve unmatched agronomic performance by giving you the desired population, singulation, depth control that results in the precise seed placement and the good seed-to- soil contact that you need to get for that perfect stand.

If a new ExactEmerge™ high speed, electric drive planter or our MaxEmerge 5e™ planter with electric drives are not in your future this spring, you can turn your current planter into “better than new” condition with John Deere retrofit kits that are now available for 2004 and newer planter models. With the MaxEmerge 5e retrofit kit, you get the advantages of single electric drives that give you that improved seed spacing accuracy, allowing for greater curve accuracy on the outer and inner rows, and you get rid of the hassle of chains, sprockets and hex shafts. With the ExactEmerge retrofit kit you get the advantages of perfect seed placement with brush belt technology, a redesigned double eliminator,
dual electric drive motors and more.

We also have other options for improving your planter to achieve maximum performance. Our locations in Scottsbluff, Ogallala, Yuma and Sterling are authorized Precision Planting™ dealers. Precision Planting products cover a wide range of options to improve seeding accuracy with seed meter upgrades, electric drives, down pressure solutions and other control and fertilizer placement systems. Most importantly, Precision Planting products can be retrofitted on any make, any model, any age of planter.

This spring, we also intend to continue our collaboration with several of our producers and local input suppliers to demonstrate various planting and tillage technologies with on-farm, field-scale demonstrations. We will be evaluating economic returns based on tightly controlled variables. Our goal is to find every opportunity there is out there for you to increase production or decrease costs. Today, it is all about improving margins. We will make these demonstration locations available to you as soon as they are finalized so that these field demonstrations can be followed from emergence thru harvest. We believe there is no better way to tell our story than letting you see the results in the field.

As spring planting activities begin in earnest over the next month or two, everyone here at 21st Century Equipment looks forward to providing you the very best solutions in equipment sales, parts, service and precision ag technology for your operation. We sincerely appreciate your business and we look forward
to working closely with you throughout the spring season.

Owen Palm


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