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Terms and Conditions Update - Did You Get it Done?

Terms and Conditions Update - Did You Get it Done?

Posted: February 12, 2020 | By: 21st Century Equipment Staff

Attention Customers – Did You Get it Done? 

Have you updated your John Deere Operations Center Customer Organization Terms and Conditions?

What it is?

An update to the John Deere Operations Center Terms and Conditions that defines the legal entity of an Operations Center Organization to identify ownership of data and those staff members with admin access .  This update requires your immediate attention and logging in to your Operations Center account to accept the changes.


Today, John Deere’s Operations Center has terms and conditions based on individual users and not legal organizations.

What it is NOT.

This is NOT a change in John Deere’s Data Usage policy.

Contact your local ISG representative with any questions.

What should I do?

Click here to view additional instructions from John Deere.

Click here to log onto MyJohnDeere. 

Once logged on, you'll be prompted to provide / review certain information.  Then you'll be asked to accept or decline the new Terms & Conditions.  That's it!


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