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Tending Cattle with John Deere 6 Series Tractors

Tending Cattle with John Deere 6 Series Tractors

Posted: May 20, 2022 | By: 21st Century Equipment Team

Working in the cattle industry is no easy feat. It’s a job that requires passion, fortitude and equipment that can work as hard as you do. John Deere 6 Series tractors are capable of doing just that.

What features make John Deere
6 Series tractors an excellent choice for tending cattle and more? 


6 Series tractors are equipped with enough power to handle virtually any task. Six-cylinder FT PowerTech engines in the 6R 145 through the 6R 250 offer between 145-250hp depending on the model. 6E and 6M varieties range from 105-195hp. In terms of 6M Series tractors, the 6140M in particular is popular among cattle ranchers for striking a great balance with its compact size and horsepower capabilities.

Many 6 Series tractors are also equipped with John Deere’s Intelligent Power Management (IPM) technology, meaning these machines can get an extra boost of power when they need it most. 


This line is designed with long workdays in mind. The 6 Series cab has been engineered to provide a high level of visibility so users can keep a close eye on tractor functions outside the cab at all times. An optional panoramic roof provides an even larger viewing area for some models. The 6 Series features integrated climate and radio controls, plus plenty of space to stretch your legs. 

John Deere paid great attention to detail in the area of lighting for these tractors. For example, 6R cabs feature 10 lights dispersed throughout the front, rear and sides of the tractor’s roofline. Users can also take advantage of six field, spot and road lights along the grille. An optional but impressive feature is the integration of eight Xenon lights that can be controlled from the CommandCenter display.

Thoughtful Design

Several thoughtful design choices were made in addition to creature comforts when developing the John Deere 6 Series line. A sloped-down hood design offers greater visibility from within the cab. The nose of the tractor can be seen even with a loader attached. 

Speaking of loaders, 6 Series tractors can be ordered loader-ready and then outfitted with John Deere’s 600R Loader. These loaders boast over 4,100 pounds of lift capacity and 154 inches of lift height, with a cycle time of under 6 seconds to help users efficiently complete a variety of tasks where loader work is required. 

The inclusion of things like John Deere’s DirectDrive Transmission, heavy-duty lift capacity, ability to integrate Precision Ag technology items and more means 6 Series tractors are customizable to fit almost any need.

Models in the 6 Series hit a sweet spot in terms of size and horsepower offered, making these tractors an ultra-versatile, popular choice among dairy/cattle, livestock and hay customers, among other things. Property owners also find the 6 Series offers options that are helpful for countless land management projects. 

Interested in learning more about which 6 Series tractor is right for your needs? Contact the 21st Century Equipment John Deere dealer nearest you today!


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