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Our Passion Your Success

Our Passion Your Success

Posted: October 18, 2017 | By: Owen Palm

Fall Harvest is upon us. Despite lots of hail around, it sure looks like we have an above average crop looking at us overall . The only problem is, so does the rest of the United States!! As the old saying goes, “Manage what you can control”…and prices sure are not something we can control. So, let’s focus on yield, uptime and productivity that drive your cost of production…the important offset to current commodity prices…and drivers that we can help you control!

When trying to manage the things we can control, that drive our cost of production, there are six trends affecting production agriculture that we should not ignore:

  1. There is growing demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel
  2. The future will bring ever-increasing global market volatility
  3. Farms will get larger and become more specialized
  4. The need for environmental compliance and sustainability will increase
  5. The shortage of skilled labor will get worse
  6. The impact of precision agriculture and big data will be significant

Like it or not, these trends will impact all of us involved in agriculture, whether as a producer, a landlord, an ag service provider, an equipment dealer or an ag retailer. We all have to adjust our thinking and create a long-term strategy that allows each of us to succeed in the face of these trends. We want to be part of your success, now and in the future.

As the headline suggests on the front cover of this edition of our Flyer “Our passion is making you successful”. These are not idle words created by our marketing department. If you are our customer and looking to maximize the productivity (and hopefully, the profitability) of your operation, it is my responsibility, as CEO of this Company, to provide our employees with the necessary resources to provide you innovative technology and the products and services you require to meet your ever-evolving needs.

In the commodity hell we are all in, we are trying to be empathetic to the current economic conditions you are facing. More than ever, we are emphasizing cash flow, rather than cash difference, to our salesmen. We are promoting “No Payment/No Interest” programs and other creative financing solutions, like we never have before, in our parts and service offerings.

And, we are taking  substantial  measures to reduce our expenses in order to be extremely competitive and give you the best deals possible.

We intend to be here for the long-run and hope you do to. Our success truly depends on your success.


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