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Meet Our Team: Trent Mason on 21st Century Equipment

Meet Our Team: Trent Mason on 21st Century Equipment

Posted: August 25, 2022 | By: 21st Century Equipment Team

21st Century Equipment is proud to be your local John Deere dealer offering high-quality John Deere parts, equipment and expert service.

Although it’s true that the products we offer are a step above the competition, we know that it’s the people who make up our organization that make us truly shine.

Trent Mason is a Customer Service Representative at our Holyoke location. Trent assists in both the parts and service departments, keeping our customers’ needs top of mind at all times.

“The customer is my main concern,” says Trent. “I’m here to take care of the customer and ensure that their parts and service needs are met. We do everything we can to keep them out in the field and keep them in production.”

Passion for agriculture is what brought Trent to his position with 21st Century Equipment. He cares about the land and about ensuring that America’s producers’ needs are being met, especially in his local area. This can only happen when those producers are experiencing a minimum amount of downtime.

“To me, developing solutions and delivering success [the 21st Century Equipment motto] is the driving force behind everything we do,” he said. “It means that we have the flexibility to think outside the box and do everything we can to make sure our customers are taken care of. There’s no greater feeling than that.”

In addition to his passion for the work at hand, the culture here at 21st Century Equipment greatly interested Trent when he first applied for his position.

“The 21st Century Equipment team has gone above and beyond in terms of training. They’ve gotten me into some really special trainings…opportunities that would not have been open to me in previous positions,” says Trent.

His position allows for work-life balance, flexibility and a family-centered atmosphere. When Trent isn’t working, he spends his PTO, well, working…but this time for fun! He enjoys carpentry and delving into various home improvements around the house he and his wife built together in Haxtun. He also spends a lot of time with family - so much so that their running joke is, “When you get one, you get all.”

“The quality of life is great here. It’s got that nostalgic hometown feeling. There’s a really true close connection with one another.”

What really made 21st Century Equipment stand out was Trent’s experience with our company following a tremendous fire in his local community. We hope you’ll watch the short video below to hear more about that and the rest of Trent’s story.

Trent Mason | John Deere Customer Service Representative | 21st Century Equipment

When asked what Trent is most excited about in his job currently, he mentioned the Parts OnSite Program in development at 21st Century Equipment. This program is designed to ensure that customers have the parts they need in hand at their location so they aren’t making an unnecessary trip to town.

We’re proud to have hard-working, passionate individuals like Trent on our team. Visit this page to learn more about current career opportunities with our company, or find your nearest 21st Century Equipment John Deere dealer location here.


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