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March Deeds Nominees

March Deeds Nominees

Posted: April 13, 2021 | By: 21st Century Equipment Stff

We'd like to recognize the following employees who have been selected for the Deeds Make A Difference program for the month of March.


Employees can be nominated by coworkers, supervisors, and customers for their exemplary behavior. 

Nominations are submitted to the location committees, from which one per month is selected for companywide recognition and entry into the end-of-year prize drawing.


Nomination Criteria:

  • Outstanding display of customer service
  • Key support of another employee
  • Significant contribution to a customer clinic or training event
  • Exemplary job performance or significant training achievement
  • Exceptional community involvement or significant community recognition

We thank all of you for your outstanding efforts!



Trevor Rasmussen​: Trevor is always going above and beyond to improve our store and customer experience.



Eric Soderquist: Eric stayed late to complete repairs on equipment for a customer, before the blizzard.


Cheyenne Wells

Henry Sell: When our sewer backed up and flooded both bathrooms and the showroom, Henry went above and beyond that day to help clean-up the mess and remove the water.


Corporate/CTAC/ISG/Tech Specialist

John Gaillard: John has been helping a coworker and his family, since he had an accident. John has been helping him with any tasks at the house that may need done. John moved all of his work stuff to his house and set it up so he will be able to work remotely from home. John has been in constant contact with him to see if he needs anything at all.



Donald Barrett: ​​Donald is always willing to lend a hand in the shop when technicians need help. He goes above and beyond to transport equipment to and from the shop and stays late to load/unload equipment.



Larry Talbott: In all truth, Larry could be nominated for this award every day. To him he's "just doing his job", but the reality of it is that he's doing everyone's job, or at least making everyone's job a little easier. He is a light for all those who need him, inluding his staff. To top it all off, Larry has been coming in early every morning, earlier than many of us even wake up, to keep the wash bay line moving. There was much hesitation in writing this nomination, as Larry is not the type to pursue recognition, he's simply "doing his job", however, he deserves the appreciation. The influence he has on those around him is predominant. In numerous ways Larry is much of the reason several of us decide to work for 21st Century Equipment. 

"In the end, all business operation can be reduced to three words: people, products, and profits. Unless you've got a good team, you can't do much with the other two." 

Lee Iacocca, President, CEO of Chrysler



Evan Hansmeier: Evan is absolutely always going above and beyond to help all employees at the Ogallala location and beyond. He demonstrates excellence and knowledge in all aspects of the Ag business and is always eager to help in any way. He comes in early, he stays late, he is constantly helping employees and customers in and outside his job duties.​​



Jon Landrum: ​​​Over the weekend of the CDK conversion, Jon was very generous with his time opening up the store on Sunday. He patiently waited and offered his assistance to test parts integration, signature pads and store connectivity. His willingness to help, made the conversion go much smoother for the rest of the locations. Jon has always been a team player and willing to help wherever he can, and he has a great attitude.



Jon Stahley: Jon was called late on a Friday night because a customer had a sprayer broken down in another town. The store there was unable to respond to the customer's needs as quickly as they required and Jon was called upon to help get them up and running. Jon left at 6:00am, Saturday morning to arrive early at the customer's machine. Jon was able to successfully repair the sprayer and get the customer back into the field with minimal down time. Jon's dedication to our sprayer business keeps our customers up and running any time of the day and night.



Jay Watson: After a snow storm Jay came in on his own time to clear the lot and to make sure the docks and sidewalks were clear for all of us the next day.



Kevin Sewell: Kevin is a veteran master tech and has been very instrumental in taking our younger techs under his wing, providing many hours of training to these young guns. Kevin is always willing to lend a hand, offer advice and make sure the work is done correctly before the equipment leaves our shop. Many customers count on Kevin's knowledge and consider him the best of the best.


We encourage everyone to continue to be mindful of each other, when someone goes above and beyond, and to submit new nominations to your respective Location Deeds Committees!


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