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January Deeds Nominees

January Deeds Nominees

Posted: February 4, 2021 | By: 21st Century Equipment Staff

We’d like to recognize the following employees who have been selected for the Deeds Make a Difference program for the month of January.

Employees can be nominated by coworkers, supervisors, and customers for their exemplary behavior. Nominations are submitted to the location committees, from which one per month is selected for companywide recognition and entry into the end-of-year prize drawing.

Nomination criteria:

  • Outstanding display of customer service
  • Key support of another employee
  • Significant contribution to a customer clinic or training event
  • Exemplary job performance or significant training achievement
  • Exceptional community involvement or significant community recognition

We thank all of you for your outstanding efforts!

Shelly Mundt: Shelly has displayed leadership and hard work as she has been helping update offices as well as organize the Alliance store. Shelly is a huge member of the Alliance team and they are all thrilled to have her.

Hayden Fox: Haden helps in all departments. Always willing to lend a hand, his attitude is always positive and he helps customers when they enter the store.

Cheyenne Wells
Jacob Putnam: Recently we had a major plumbing issue at the store and Jacob sprang into action. He was sweeping, mopping, vacuuming up water and debris, and running the rug doctor, all without a word or order given. It was pleasant to see a new employee stepping up in a dirty task.

Corporate/CTAC/ISG/Tech Specialist
Kellee Thorson: After one of our employees was seriously injured in an accident while away from work, Kellee has been helping the family. She cooked and baked a bunch of food and froze it to give them enough meals to last a few weeks. That was one less thing they had to worry about as he recovered. She also offers a helping hand whenever they need something.

Marc Santala: Marc is an exemplary employee who is typically the first one in and the last to leave. He’s been at our Flagler location for 18 years and was self-employed for several years prior. He’s a master tech who does his work to perfection. His reputation and work ethic are known throughout most of Eastern Colorado, and he treats both customers and fellow employees with respect. Marc can be in the middle of a job but will drop what he’s doing if someone needs his help or if a customer needs guidance and advice about their equipment. He is especially appreciative and proud of the new safe and spacious shop, after having worked alone at our remote shop location for several years. He is much deserving of this nomination.

Fort Morgan
Vern Mastin: Vern is always available to help the other departments with any of their requests. He lent 2 of his techs to the parts department to help with the inventory. He is always the first at the staff meetings, and always has a joke to start the meeting. On Saturdays he brings in breakfast for the crew, and pays with his own money. He is always willing to help.

McKenna Heldenbrand: McKenna goes above the duties of an admin to help out all departments in the store. She also keeps the store activities running on schedule.

Candace Hayes: Candace is always willing to help her fellow employees and is always in a good mood. She is a go-getter and always gives 100%. We are very lucky to have her as a member of our team.

Kacey Kreman: Recently a customer had an unfortunate mishap in the restroom that required immediate attention and cleanup. Kacey was one of two employees who rolled up their sleeves to take care of the situation, despite the unsanitary and unpleasant conditions.

Ryan Boyer: Ryan is one of the hardest workers. His work is exceptional as he strives to exceed customer expectations daily. This has been especially obvious in the month of January, as Ryan has been asked to detail equipment from 8 techs. He has turned out beautiful work and has received many compliments from our customers. He does all of this while maintaining a pace that does not slow down our workflow and trucking.

Scott Feagler: Since Scott took on the Parts Manager position last year, he has made great strides revamping the way we’ve done parts for years. He increased focus on having the parts our customers and technicians need in stock and on hand. He spent countless hours doing the research needed to implement this based on previous sales, transfers and lost sales. It has been a challenging year for all, but Scott and his staff have worked diligently to improve the financial performance of our parts department. He is always open to new ideas and tries to implement those that he feels will better us all as a team.

Keith Mayhew: During an extremely difficult job at Buffalo, WY, Keith showed great time management and good customer service. He kept to the timeline set for the job, and kept the customer informed of changes. His on-the-spot decisions also kept the job ahead of schedule. His dedication to complete the job with the highest of standards and professionalism had the customer praising the company. Based on that praise we think it is safe to assume the customer will be with 21st Century H20 for as long as he ranches/farms.

Darrin Cole: Darrin goes above and beyond with his work orders. He makes sure things are done as they should be; that they are completed in the right manner for all involved, whether it’s for the company or the customer. He also helps the service managers when needed, to make their jobs a lot easier.

Ryan Perry: Ryan came up with a plan to overhaul our showroom display area. Ryan’s plan for freshening up our showroom has given it a more modern feel, improved customer flow, a more professional look and increased sales. The project is complete. It looks great and customers love it.


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