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Innovation, Dollars and Sense

Innovation, Dollars and Sense

Posted: April 17, 2019 | By: Owen Palm


As the old saying goes……spring has finally sprung. We finally got some much-needed moisture across almost our entire area in the last couple of weeks, so I hope you were one of the lucky ones to get some rain! Let the corn planters roll…..

This issue of our Flyer is dedicated to technology and innovation and its financial impact on your operation. These same innovations have had a similar impact on our business….which his really all about taking care of you and your business. Innovation and technology advancements in agriculture have unbelievably transformed the way we are both doing business over just the past few years. We find ourselves today connecting crop production with equipment technology with agronomy advancements and business management tools…..all done with the goal of profitably producing more product…..notice I said “profitably”.

Our goal at 21st Century Equipment is to take some of the confusion and complexity out of the myriad of technology decisions you face and to help you make meaningful decisions with the reams of production data you have accumulated. By assessing and analyzing your data, we can help you uncover critical insights that will enable you to increase your production or optimize the application of your inputs. The successful delivery of a fully integrated farm solution, that takes into account the current equipment technologies you already own, as well as our expertise in agronomy and crop science, is available through our Integrated Solutions Department. Our objective is to utilize the existing equipment technology that you have purchased and the agronomic data you have accumulated, to produce more.

We have no other agenda than being your trusted partner when it comes to reducing complexity in your operation. Even with the downturn in equipment sales across the industry, we continue to see strong growth in our FarmSight™ products and services. With lower commodity prices, it is clear that many of you believe it is more important than ever to optimize your machine operations to help manage input costs to try to wring a profit out of this difficult production environment we are in today. I would suggest that one of the best investments you can make is to get our Service Department to assist you in optimizing the various innovative machine technologies you have available, so that you can allocate your various inputs (seed, fertilizer and water) to maximize your ROI on every zone, in every field.

A key part of our solution-based support strategy is to make sure you have the latest in machine technology. While we have just started planting our corn crop, wheat harvest is right around the corner. With the downturn in equipment sales comes a tremendous opportunity to “trade-up” to a “Certified Pre-Owned” (CPO) S-Series Combine for tens of thousands of dollars less than it would have cost you last year. Any CPO unit comes with extended warranty, all the latest technologies enabled and can only qualify as “CPO” if it has passed a rigid inspection and all deficiencies are corrected. If maximizing your harvest potential, at a savings of tens of thousands of dollars compared to last year, sounds good to you, contact your local 21st Century Equipment Sales Professional.

In closing, I want to thank you for your business as we both move through the challenging year we all have ahead of us. I believe our partnership, built on trust, technology and innovation, will allow both of us to succeed, not only this season, but be better positioned for what lies ahead of us in production agriculture in the future.


Owen Palm


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