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Increasing Sugar Beet Harvest Efficiency

Increasing Sugar Beet Harvest Efficiency

Posted: September 25, 2022 | By: 21st Century Equipment Team

Sugar beet farmers can get the job done even more efficiently this harvest season with John Deere and 21st Century Equipment.

With a crop as pivotal to refined sugar production as the sugar beet, harvesters need dependable equipment for the whole season and beyond.

John Deere products from 21st Century Equipment ensure that harvesting is efficient, bringing this important crop to the table in a timely fashion.

John Deere’s 8 Series and 9 Series tractors are equipped with technology that improves the harvesting process and provides the comfort farmers need for long days.

Here at 21st Century Equipment, we want to assist you in meeting your productivity goals. Both the John Deere 8 Series and 9 Series can help you do that in style. Keep reading to find out how!

What They Have in Common

When you have a lot of ground to cover, both the 8 Series and 9 Series are great choices. Both include state-of-the-art Precision Ag technology to enhance your harvesting experience.

JDLink™ Connectivity

JDLink™ can be found in both the 8 Series and 9 Series. With this technology, you can track your results and send data directly to your John Deere Operations Center account. Your results and ability to manage equipment performance are readily available. This feature allows you to accurately account for your sugar beet harvesting progress and ensure that all of your equipment stays in excellent condition.

Comfortability Options

The 8 Series and 9 Series have optional additions to make long days more comfortable. These options include LED lighting options for both series. Some customizations even give customers the option of massaging and heated seats. With the 9 Series, you can choose from the Select, Premium or Ultimate customization options. The differentiation in these packages are based on what you need regarding lighting, mirrors, sunshades, wipers and cameras.


The 8 and 9 Series come equipped with AutoTrac™, a feature that enhances your experience and works for you. AutoTrac™ technology ensures productivity is maximized. This feature allows you to be intentional with your time and work, which is essential for a sugar beet harvest season. AutoTrac™ uses tracking for your field, which minimizes the room for soil compaction. This technology makes these machines advanced pieces of equipment with benefits you will see year after year.

What Sets Them Apart

Although both the John Deere 8 Series and 9 Series are fantastic options for sugar beet harvesting, it is essential to note the differences in amenities within each to make the choice that’s best for your operation.


Whether you choose the 8 Series or 9 Series, one thing is certain: You have a powerful piece of equipment. Depending on which model fits your needs the most from the 8 Series, you could work with between 230 to 410 horsepower. As for the 9 Series, horsepower fluctuates anywhere from 390 to 640 horsepower. These models of the 9 Series currently offer the most horsepower in the industry. The 9 Series uses hydraulic power management to get past even the toughest of areas.

Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)

With the option of adding on CTIS, the 8 Series allows you to adjust tire pressure to what you need at the press of a button. This add-on is non-negotiable for those constantly thinking about the footprint of their tractor.

Check out this video on the 8 Series for more information.

Gain Ground with 8 Series Tractors | John Deere

Check out this video on the 9 series for more information.

Gain Ground with 9 Series Tractors | John Deere

We strongly recommend looking into the John Deere 8 Series and 9 Series. We are here to help. Your satisfaction is at the core of what we do here at 21st Century Equipment.

Contact or visit your local dealer to learn more.


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