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How to Choose the John Deere Gator That’s Right for You

How to Choose the John Deere Gator That’s Right for You

Posted: August 15, 2022 | By: 21st Century Equipment Team

When you think “John Deere,” your mind may first jump to images of larger agriculture equipment like John Deere tractors, combines or forage harvesters. If not large ag, you may think about Deere’s wide variety of Compact Utility Tractors.

While all of the equipment mentioned above is incredibly useful, today we’re here to discuss the sometimes unsung hero of John Deere’s lineup: a Gator Utility Vehicle.

Some people view John Deere Gators as a luxury, but these machines are so handy that they may just become one of your new favorite items around your home, farm or business.

The real question is, with so many John Deere Gators for sale, how do you know which Gator is right for you? Below you’ll find a brief overview of the different types of Gators for sale at 21st Century Equipment to help you answer this question.

Traditional or Work Series Gator Utility Vehicles

John Deere’s Traditional and Work Series Gators are classics. These lines are designed for the everyday chores of a residential property owner.

A Work Series Gator is ideal for landscaping tasks and other yard work. Although not designed for heavy-duty lifting, a Traditional Gator is also useful for hauling light to moderate loads.

Work Series Gators include:

  • The HPX Series - As the latest model in the Work Series, Gators in this family can handle heavier loads using their 4-wheel suspension.
  • Gator TH - The first of the Gator models, this 6 wheel vehicle features removable side panels and tailgate to allow your Gator to become a flatbed.
  • Gator TX - Containing all of the features found in the TH series, the TX is a 4 wheeled Gator that can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.
  • Gator TS - While still quite versatile, this is the most basic of John Deere’s utility vehicle lineup.
  • Gator TE - The TE model is John Deere’s only electric vehicle.

Gator Crossover Utility Vehicles

Comprised of mid- and full-sized XUVs, John Deere’s line of Crossover Gator Utility Vehicles takes the Traditional Gator up a notch. Designed for work and play, Crossover Gators are excellent for hunting, fishing, farming, residential chores and more! Crossover Gators are available in E, M and R models.

E models reflect the basic functions of Gators in this family. M models are enhanced with power steering and various options for both open station and cab configurations. Last but not least, R models feature premium features like standard A/C and are only available for full-size XUVs.

Mid-size Gator XUVs for sale with 21st Century Equipment include:

  • XUV560E
  • XUV560E S4
  • XUV590E
  • XUV590E S4
  • XUV590M
  • XUV590M S4

Full-size Crossover Gators available with us are:

  • XUV825M S4
  • XUV835E
  • XUV835M (Available with cab, without cab or in John Deere’s special Honor Edition. HVAC options also available.)
  • XUV835R

Much like with John Deere compact utility tractors, Gators can be made even more functional with the use of various attachments. Rear-view mirrors, light kits and sprayers are some of the most popular attachments for work series Gators.

Crossover XUV owners can take advantage of attachments like windshields, deluxe cabs, winches and front hood racks, just to name a few.Is it time to add a John Deere Gator to your fleet? Find the 21st Century Equipment location nearest you here!


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