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December Deeds Nominees

December Deeds Nominees

Posted: January 14, 2021 | By: 21st Century Equipment Staff

We’d like to recognize the employees who have been nominated for the Deeds Make a Difference program for December.

Employees can be nominated by coworkers, supervisors, and customers for their exemplary behavior. Nominations are submitted to the location committees, from which one per month is selected for companywide recognition and entry into the end-of-year prize drawing.

  • An outstanding display of customer service
  • Key support of another employee
  • A significant contribution to a customer clinic or training event
  • Exemplary job performance or significant training achievement
  • Exceptional community involvement or significant community recognition

We thank all of you for your outstanding efforts!

Ryan Taylor: Ryan has shown exceptional customer expertise during the PSP season. His knowledge in talking with the customer about their equipment is great. His attitude at work has been great. It has been a pleasure to see Ryan grow in his expertise as a Tech.

Corporate/CTAC/ISG/Tech Specialist
Cody Craven: Cody recently stopped to render aid one night after witnessing a young lady drive off the road and roll her vehicle in front of him. The driver’s window was busted out and the door was jammed tight. He managed to get her out of her vehicle and into his pick up where she could warm up while they waited for both her parents and the ambulance. He went out of his way to make sure that she was safe until he could pass her over into good hands. In today’s world of looking the other way and not lending a hand, it was a very kind gesture. 

Fort Morgan
Janice Musgrave: Jan has had the task of upholding the monthly parts sales display, Christmas decorating, and anything else that is needed to be done at the store. She always has a smile on her face and is very helpful to all the customers. Jan is a valuable asset to 21st Century.

Evan Pascale: Evan has been going above and beyond on his duties in the shop and wash bay. The lot has never looked this good in the last two years. Everything gets done in a short amount of time. Whenever asked for something there is 0% hesitation. Perfect Fit, Great Hire!! 

Troy Randall: Troy does a lot for store events and is a huge help to other store employees and customers. 

Tyler Heinen: Troy is the #1 Salesman of the year!! This kid is Awesome and should be recognized. 

Janel Marcoe: Janel has stepped up to take on a leadership role while the Parts Manager was out and the department is short-staffed. She always makes sure the techs are taken care of, daily parts shipments are completed and put away, and all customers have been taken care of. She’s never had the attitude that we can’t get it done because we don’t have enough people. 

Levi Lemons: As basically a new employee himself with barely 9 months under his belt, Levi has chosen to help the 2 new techs at our location. He has made an effort to guide them through the John Deere and 21st Century Way to do things and has shown his ability to step up and help whenever the need should arise. 

Mike Henry: Mike has been helping the trucking department get semis and equipment where they need to be. He has also gone above and beyond when it comes to helping Zzyzx out in his new position.

Kyle English: Kyle is very knowledgeable about any job he takes on and is willing to work on anything. HE will go out of his way to help fellow employees as well as customers. He is easy going and gets along with everyone, He is willing to go the extra mile and gives 110%.


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