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Control What You Can Control

Control What You Can Control

Posted: February 15, 2018 | By: Owen Palm


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring!  The warm weather the last few days has been a nice change after a long, cold and snowy winter.   It kind makes you want to go out and hit the field……but it might be just a little early yet!

As we begin serious preparations for spring planting, I hear lots of concerns about commodity prices and input prices….the former being too low and the latter being too high.  No doubt cash flows will be extremely tight this year.   But, the great thing about working in an industry that has cycles is that it cycles.   I believe we are at the bottom of this particular cycle and there are much better days ahead.   The long-term trend for production agriculture is still very, very positive, as the fundamental growth drivers of diet and population are still strongly in place….maybe even stronger than they were just 5 years ago!

In periods of tight cash flows, like the one we are in, it is important to manage the things that we can control.  We can’t control commodity prices, but we can manage the precise application of our expensive nutrient inputs.   We can’t control the weather, but we can manage the right timing for irrigation water application.  We can’t control interest rates, but we can choose to improve cash flows with equipment leasing.    Another way of saying this is “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”.   Scouring your data from last year, may give you critical insights for planning this year, so managing your data is critical in times like these.

Throughout this edition of our Flyer, we are looking at various ways we can work together to help you get greater control over the things you manage in your farm and ranch operation.  We have the equipment, tools and people to help you and your other trusted advisors make the best possible agronomic decisions that can get you the best economic returns.

It is said that farming and ranching is a combination of talent, passion, art and science.  Let us help you with the science part by providing you the best equipment and technology solutions available to the industry today.  That solution can be as simple as a planter “tune-up” with genuine John Deere parts, or as complicated as a variable rate seed and fertilizer prescription prepared by one of our Integrated Solutions Specialists collaborating with your other trusted advisors.

As spring planting activities begin in earnest over the next month or two, everyone here at 21stCentury Equipment looks forward to providing you the very best in equipment sales, parts, service and technology solutions for your operation.   We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to working closely with you throughout the spring season.


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