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April Deeds Nominees

April Deeds Nominees

Posted: May 12, 2021 | By: 21st Century Equipment Stff

We’d like to recognize the following employees who have been selected for the Deeds Make a Difference program for the month of April.                                                                             

Employees can be nominated by coworkers, supervisors, and customers for their exemplary behavior. Nominations are submitted to the location committees, from which one per month is selected for companywide recognition and entry into the end-of-year prize drawing. 

Nomination Criteria:

  • Outstanding display of customer service
  • Key support of another employee
  • Significant contribution to a customer clinic or training event
  • Exemplary job performance or significant training achievement
  • Exceptional community involvement or significant community recognition

We thank all of you for your outstanding efforts!


Neil Romick:

Neil goes above and beyond to help his customers whether it is running them parts to helping them start up their equipment. Neil has a good relationship with all his Customers



Christal Bohrer :

While Daniele was on PTO for 6 days, Christal took on the additional responsibilities of going to the bank and the post office daily. She also took care of invoice distribution and sending them into A/P for payment. We really appreciate being




James Hintergardt:

James Hintergardt from Scottsbluff called into CTAC for some help on a DB 120 48R 5e conversion that he was working on. He was unable to program all the controllers as the instructions outlined. He had attended our planter technical class the week before and found a problem we talked about but was having some trouble finding the source of the problem. He called into CTAC and we worked with him to guide him through a system that we did not have exact schematics for. We clearly had a dead short and he followed all the interconnects that we told him too and he did find a power and ground wire switched in the LH wing harness interconnect.  James is a very experienced tech and knows what he is doing. But he ran into a tough one and asked for help. He was great about testing like 100 different connections we asked him to. He went the extra mile and did not get frustrated and was able to find the problem. We were able to find the problem and solve it as a team.



Tanner Johnson:

Sterling called and needed scrapers for a customer. The problem was we needed them ASAP. Between Keith and Tanner, the two of them found what we needed and agreed to help us out. Tanner then hopped in his pickup and met our customer in Alliance. Great teamwork and selflessness on their part which saved the day for our customer.



Jeremiah McBride:

Jeremiah works hard! He's not afraid to stay late or come in early. He's willing to take on new tasks and lend a hand to other techs when needed. Jeremiah is EXCELLENT with our customers! His customer service is second to none. He is a great team player and the Holyoke location is lucky to have him!



Preston Huser:

 I am nominating this guy for his serviceability and running that extra mile. If you need any assistance from Preston, - he will get it done in time and go even beyond to after hours at his personal time.




Kaden Purviance:

Kade stayed until 8:00PM to assist Ray from 24/7 Plumbing to clean the sewer drain of a blockage and (2) broken drain cleaners discarded by previous plumbers. Kaden went above and beyond his normal technician role to assist Ray and solve the dealership's sewer issue.



Mike Hill:

Mike has spent countless hours since he started employment organizing and cleaning the parts department. He had moved shelving, cleaned storage rooms, painted, and generally improved the parts department flow and ease of finding parts. Mike always has a good attitude and smile even when performing the dirtiest of tasks. Mike is always willing to help a fellow employee or customer in need, tend strives to go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver the highest level of success.

We encourage everyone to continue to be mindful of each other when someone goes above and beyond, and to submit new nominations to your respective Location Deeds Committees!


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