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9 tips to prepare your tractor for winter

9 tips to prepare your tractor for winter

Posted: January 18, 2021 | By: 21st Century Equipment Staff

When it comes to winterizing your tractor for the colder months, there are some extra steps and care you can take to protect your investment. Doing so will not only help extend the life of your machine but it’ll also help ensure its productivity next season.

Whether you’re planning on putting your tractor away for the winter or still using it regularly, here are some ways to prepare for the off season – and save you time and money.

  1. Do routine maintenance checks like inspecting tire pressure, fuels, fluids, hoses and so on. We recommend doing this before storing equipment, throughout the winter and then again when it’s go-time. This not only helps spot any potential issues early on but can also help extend the life of your machine.
  2. Be sure to deep clean your tractor if you plan on parking it. You’ll want to remove any clumps of dirt or debris that may be lodged and dry it thoroughly before storing. This will help rust from forming and keep any pests away, especially from your wiring.
  3. Drain the tank and use a winter-grade fuelto keep it from freezing in temps below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Or, you can add a fuel conditioner or stabilizer to keep non-winter-grade fuel fresh.
  4. Check for water or residue regularly throughout the winter to avoid buildup, particularly from condensation. You can do this by slightly draining tanks, reservoirs or oil pans.
  5. Inspect rubber equipment since the cold can make it brittle and more prone to damage. Potential warning signs like cracks or leaks could mean you need to schedule a service at your local dealership.
  6. Remove batteries for long-term storage since colder temps can shorten their life span. And be sure to load-test batteries before running your engine.
  7. Park in a heated garage or use an engine-block heater (a coolant heater) to minimize the cold weather’s effects on your engine. No matter what, the goal is to get your tractor out of the elements and protect it in a barn or shed.
  8. It can also help your machine to run it every so often during winter. If you’re planning on using it though, always let the fuel and engine warm up before putting it to work.
  9. Winter is a perfect time to get your tractor serviced and make any needed repairs. Programs like our Winter Inspection Priority Service Program can help give you a full rundown of how things are going and help prioritize any repairs before next season arrives.

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