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About our Precision Ag technology solutions and services

Whether you’re new to Precision Ag or adding to your precision toolbelt, we’re here to help you maximize your knowledge and your investment. We know every operation is different—from the equipment to the crops to the soil. That’s why we provide the freedom and expertise to find the right solution to best understand and leverage your farm’s unique data. Learn more about the different ways we can help you increase productivity, profitability and peace of mind.

About Precision Ag

Data <strong>management and sharing</strong>

Data management and sharing

When it comes to your data, every little bit of information counts. From adding new hardware to managing your data in the John Deere Operations Center, we help ensure everything is set up correctly and securely. And that you understand how to turn that knowledge into smarter, more informed decisions. Count on helpful guidance like:

  • Organizing data setup for recording of field, crop, farm, products, etc.
  • Machine and implement calibrations to ensure accurate field documentation
  • Proper display setup with John Deere Operations Center integration
<strong>Agronomic decision</strong> support

Agronomic decision support

Our goal is to ensure you’re getting valuable data on your farm, analyzing it properly and using it to impact your bottom line. We call this agronomic decision support (ADS)—and it’s all about helping you yield more and waste less. To get started, ask us about our ancillary services like:

  • Variable rate application planning for seed, fertilizer and chemical inputs
  • Electrical Conductivity (EC) Soil Survey Collection
  • Data analysis and reporting as well as production optimization planning from within John Deere Operations Center
Remote <strong>monitoring and optimization</strong>

Remote monitoring and optimization

With remote monitoring and optimization solutions, you can keep an eye on your operation from anywhere. From checking in on equipment health and performance to managing productivity and logistics, solutions like JDLink™ and John Deere Operations Center can help pinpoint equipment issues or maintenance needs earlier and find opportunities to optimize overall performance—without actually being there.

For those with a NextCentury Productivity Package, our Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) is also readily available to answer questions and ensure your tech is working hard for your farm.

Technology <strong>products and packages</strong>

Technology products and packages

We offer a range of John Deere displays, receivers and hardware to equip your machine with power of Precision Ag technology. In addition, we offer four exclusive NextCentury Productivity Packages—that can be purchased alone or bundled together—to keep your equipment and your technology running smoothly and effectively. Just one more way we’re keeping you ahead of the competition.

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<strong>RTK</strong> Network

RTK Network

We’re proud to be a regional leader in building a large and reliable RTK Network—helping you make the most of your investment in Precision Agriculture technology. Count on us for assistance with guidance, operational documentation, data analysis or any map-based variable rate applications.

Key benefits:

  • 24/7/365 signal for any guidance or documentation field operations throughout the year
  • Industry leading accuracy and repeatability to all RTK Network customers
  • Experienced and highly trained ISG consultants to provide first-class customer support and value-added service
  • Network agreements customized to meet individual requirements
Helpful resources to <strong>stay ahead</strong>

Helpful resources to stay ahead

Stay in the know when it comes to the latest in Precision Agriculture technology from 21st Century Equipment and John Deere.

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